Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

M.2 to USB Adapter is used to fast debug the NB-ST and LoRa-ST module from Dragino.


1.1 Install Driver

The USB TTL Chip of the adapter is CP1202. User need to install driver for CP2101 in PC first.

Reference download link: 

1.2 Install NB-ST

Take out LoRa ST or NB-ST from Dragino products such as NBSN95 or LSN50v2. Put the module in the M.2 to USB adapter.

1.3 Test NB-ST & AT Commands

  • Put the swith to RUN position and plug in PC.
  • Set correct baudrate in the serial tool of PC and you will be able to see output from the module and able to send AT Commands.

Notice, the baudrate depends on the module firmware, please refer the specify device user manual page.

1.4 Update firmware of NB-ST

  • Put the swith to ISP position and plug in PC.
  • Follow the UART update Steps to update the firmware.

Notice: The update only support LoRaST v3.x and NB-ST module.

1.5 Circuit for the adapter



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