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1.  Below list the support products and Requirements:

  1. LoRaWAN Gateway model: LIG16LG308DLOS8 LPS8
  2. Firmware version since : lgw--build-v5.4.1644658774

2.  Introduction

By default, the LoRaWAN gateway cannot receive LoRa Packet, If the user needs to receive the raw LoRa Packet, the user can modify the file.

Here are two ways to modify the received raw LoRa package.


2.1  Method 1:

root@dragino-1d178c:~# vim /usr/bin/

  gen_cus_cfg() {
       json_add_object SX130x_conf
               json_add_string "spidev_path" "/dev/spidev0.0"
               json_add_boolean "full_duplex" 0
               json_add_boolean "lorawan_public" 0 -----------------> "1" proves receive LoRaWAN Packet,"0" proves receive non-LoRaWan Packet
               json_add_int "clksrc" "1"
               json_add_string "clksrc_desc" "radio_1 provides clock to concentrator"
               json_add_int "antenna_gain" "0"
               json_add_string "antenna_gain_desc" "antenna gain, in dBi"


root@dragino-1d178c:~# vim /etc/lora/global_conf.json

       "SX130x_conf": {
               "spidev_path": "/dev/spidev0.0",
               "full_duplex": false,
               "lorawan_public": false,  -----------------> "true" proves receive LoRaWAN Packet,"false" proves receive non-LoRaWan Packet
               "clksrc": 1,
               "clksrc_desc": "radio_1 provides clock to concentrator for most devices except MultiTech. For MultiTech set to 0.",
               "antenna_gain": 0,
               "antenna_gain_desc": "antenna gain, in dBi",
               "radio_0": {

and run root@dragino-1d178c:~# fwd


2.2  Method 2:

Modify /etc/lora/cfg-$chip/"frequency"-global_conf.json

view chip name : cat /tmp/iot/chip

Restart the device after the modification


modify /etc/lora/cfg-$chip/"frequency"-global_conf.json


Note : User need to do that connect gateway command line via ssh.



Checking LoRaWAN Gateway Log


Command line input  logread -f


Decoding verifies that the packet is correct


Checking LoRa Packet


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