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1.  Introduction

1.1  What is BCN02

The BCN02 is a Bluetooth BLE IBeacon designed for indoor positioning solution. BCN02 is base on Diglog IC and support Bluetooth 5.1 protocol. BCN02 is low power consumption and with 1200mAh battery. With a 500ms broadcast interval, BCN02 can works for 4~5 years.

BCN02 is designed for the use together with Dragino TrackerD to provide LoRaWAN Indoor Position Solution. There are many BCN02s placed in different location and keep broadcasting their UUID via Bluetooth. User brings TrackerD LoRaWAN BLE tracker, the TrackerD keep scanning the UUID and choose the highest signal UUID to uplink via LoRaWAN. So the IoT server will know where the TrackerD is.

BCN02 is power off when shipping via airline. User need to rotate to open it and plug in the power connector to power on it.

1.2  Features

  • 1200mAh battery
  • 4~5 year battery life(Default 500ms Interval)
  • Distance,100meters in open area
  • RF power: -19.5 ~ 2.5dBm (default 2.5dBm)
  • Operating temperature: -30 ~ 60 °C
  • Valid for outdoor use, Weather Proof
  • Configurable via mobile phone
  • Sleep 0.27uA, Broadcasting: 16uA

1.3  Product characteristics

Product modelEW-BCN02L
Recommended index✮✮✮✮✮
Product picturesimage-20221212172218-3.jpeg
Product featuresLong life waterproof type
Bluetooth protocolBLE 5.1
Shell material/colorPC (white)
Product weight35g (including battery)
Installation method3M adhesive/screw
Battery modelER14250 lithium sub battery x1 (one by default)
Battery capacity1200mAh
Whether the battery can be replacedcan
LED indicatorblue
Endurance4-5 years (default broadcast frequency)
transmission distance100m (open distance)
Broadcasting interval100ms~10S adjustable, default 500mS
Broadcast power consumption16uA (500ms interval)
standby power0.27uA
Transmitting power

-19.5 ~+2.5dBm,

2.5dBm by default

Operating temperature/humidity-30 ~ + 60 ℃ (waterproof)
Storage temperature/humidity-40 ~ + 60 ℃ (waterproof)
authenticationSRRC certification
OAD upgradesupport
Support devicesIOS7.0 and above, Android 4.3 and above
Parameter settingBoth Android and iOS support parameter modification
SecuritySupport password link and tamper proof mode
Broadcast data format

Ibicon mode (fixed UUID);

Ibicon mode (unfixed UUID, 9-14 bytes of UUID are automatically written to MAC, and 15 bytes are automatically written to power);

Common broadcast mode (MAC+power);

Eddystone mode (reserved).


1.4  Format Description

EW-BCN02L supports iBeacon broadcasting and general broadcasting. Please confirm with our staff as required. The broadcast data formats of the two modes are described in detail below.

1.4.1  IBeacon format


IBeacon broadcast package composition:

① Broadcast type field (3 bytes, 0x02106 by default)

② Manufacturer data field header (2 bytes, 0x1AFF by default)

③ Manufacturer ID (2 bytes, 0x004C by default)

④ Device type (1 byte, 0x02 by default)

⑤ Valid data length field (1 byte, default: 0x15, generally fixed)

⑥ UUID (16 bytes, default 0x011,223,344,566,778,899aabbccddeeff0, support rolling code)

⑦ MAC of the device (6 bytes, effective when relevant functions are enabled)

⑧ Power of the device (1 byte, effective when relevant functions are turned on)

⑨ Major field (2 bytes, support rolling code)

⑩ Minor field (2 bytes, support rolling code)

⑪  Actual RSSI field of broadcast at 1m (1 byte, default: 0xC3, adjustable according to the actual situation)

1.4.2  Normal format


Composition of general broadcast package:

① Broadcast type field (3 bytes, 0x02106 by default)

② Manufacturer data field header (2 bytes, 0x1AFF by default)

③ Manufacturer ID (2 bytes, 0x0001 by default)

④ MAC of the device (6 bytes, effective when relevant functions are enabled)

⑤ Power of the device (1 byte, effective when relevant functions are turned on)

1.5  IBEACON Power On/Off and STEUP Configuration Instructions

After getting the EW-BCN05L label, first long press the button 5S on the label to start the machine, and the label will flash blue light for 3 times. Press and hold for another 5s to shut down. EW-BCN02l has no switch, and it is normally on by default.

See Table 1 below for the function of STEUP configuration value matching working mode:

Configuration function (setup)BCN02L (setup configuration parameter value)BCN05L (setup configuration parameter value)
IBEACON broadcast (default)53000000D3000000
IBEACON broadcast+power57000000D7000000
IBEACON broadcast+MAC5B000000DB000000
IBEACON broadcast+MAC+power5F000000DF000000
General broadcasting73000000F3000000
General broadcast+power77000000F7000000

2.  Power On BCN02

1. Open the enclosure

2. Connect the battery connector onboard and the device will be power on.


3.  User Mobile APP to configure BCN02

3.1  IBEACON parameter modification

After the iBeacon device is powered on (the switch with the switch key is turned on), it starts to broadcast. At this time, the broadcast is connectable. The broadcast name is "EW+the first 4 bytes of MAC address". For example, the module MAC address is 0x80ECCACD123D, and the broadcast name is EW80ECCACD. At this time, you can use the "EW SmartConfig" APP to modify the corresponding parameters.

Consult our customer service to obtain the configuration tool "EW SmartConfig"(The APP in Version 1.4.3 Assets) installation package (only Android is supported). After installation,The icons are as follows:

EW SmartConfig Download link:

Releases · dragino/TrackerD (



Open the "EW SmartConfig" app, and make sure that UNKOWN in the upper right corner of the app is set to open, so as to search for beacon broadcasts.


Select the specified device and start the connection. The connection interface is as follows:

image-20221130084725-3.png   image-20221130084725-4.png

Note: Set the broadcast interval. The maximum and minimum broadcast intervals should be changed to the same value. When the original value is changed from the minimum to the maximum, the minimum should be changed first; For example, when the broadcast interval value on the APP is 3200 (2000ms when converted into band units) to 1600 (1000ms), the minimum value of the broadcast interval should be changed first, and then the maximum value of the broadcast interval. Then press the APPLY button on the smallest side. On the contrary, if the original value is increased, the maximum value will be changed first and then the minimum value. Setting the link interval value is the same as broadcasting interval method. Note that the values with and without units are different.

image-20221130084725-5.png  image-20221130084725-6.png

Note: See Table 1 for the corresponding values of the STEUP working mode setting function.


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