Note: This issue is fixed since firmware version: LG02_LG08--build-v5.3.1584002217-20200312-1639

Paject Reject due to Power RF

Issue as below:

Sat Feb 29 08:10:26 2020 lora_pkt_fwd[30684]: RXTX~ {"txpk":
Sat Feb 29 08:10:26 2020 lora_pkt_fwd[30684]: ERROR~ Packet REJECTED, unsupported RF power for TX - 17

This is due to the lorawan server use a power that the gateway not yet configured.


User can find the related region file in /etc/lora/cfg and change the parameter to support the power. for example to support 17, user can change as below and reboot

"tx_lut_9": {
  "desc": "TX gain table, index 9",
  "pa_gain": 2,
  "mix_gain": 10,
  "rf_power": 14,     ----> Change this to 17 and will work.
  "dig_gain": 0

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