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1.  LoRaWAN Join Mode

There are two different Join Mode: ABP and OTAA. Here are the differences between them: 

Most cases we use for LoRaWAN sensors are OTAA mode., which is also the default mode for Dragino Sensors.

2.  LoRaWAN OTAA Activation

According to the activation photo as below.

The APPSKEY & NwksKey are generated during each activation. These two keys are used for further communication with LoRaWAN server.

If the sensor is under the coverage of two LoRaWAN servers, and the user puts the OTAA Keys in both LoRaWAN servers. During OTAA activation, both servers will send Join Accept message to End Device. And End device will accept the first arrive one and join that server. The second arrival join accept will be ignored. 


3.  LoRaWAN ABP Activation

ABP activation no need communication between End Device and LoRaWAN server. As long as End Device and NS has the same keys (NekSkey, AppSKey, DevAddr) , NS can get the package from End Device.


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