Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

This chapter describes how to set Transmit Time Interval.

2. Downlink Payload

TDC can be controlled by Downlink Payload.

For example: AT+TDC=0x258=600s  ; Payload: 01 00 02 58 TDC=600s The time interval is represented by hexadecimal conversion to decimal.


If the payload=0100003C, it means set the END Node's TDC to 0x00003C=60(S), 3C (HEX) = 60 (decimal),while type code is 01.

Payload: 01 00 00 1E TDC=30s Payload: 01 00 00 3C TDC=60s

Example Downlink payload setting in TTN:


3. Downlink Method

See use  note for different serves Servers Note(IoT LoRaWAN Server)


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