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1. Overview

There are some new models of Dragino sensors support OTA update via Private LoRa Protocol, (Even the sensor runs LoRaWAN protocol by default).

User can use the OTA update to update the configure file or firmware to the sensors.

2. Support Models

Here list the models that support OTA Update.

ModelsFirmware VersionComments
RS485-LB/LSAll firmware version 
SN50v3-LBAll firmware version 
PS-LB-NAAll firmware version 
TS01-LB/LSAll firmware version 
CS01-LBAll firmware version 
AIS01-LBAll firmware version 
TC01-LB/ TC11-LBAll Firmware Version 
LHT65NAll Firmware Version 
LHT65N-PIR,LHT65N-E31FAll Firmware Version 
D20-LB/D20S-LB/D22-LB/D23-LBAll Firmware Version 
S31/S31B-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
AQS01-LAll Firmware Version 
UV254-LBAll Firmware Version 
SDI-12-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
SE01-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
PS-LBAll Firmware Version 
SE02-LBAll Firmware Version 
SPH01-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
LMS01-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
WL03A-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
DS03A-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
CPL03-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
SW3L-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
LCC01-LBAll Firmware Version 
PS-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
LDS12-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
LDS40-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
DDS75-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
DDS45-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
DDS20-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
DDS04-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
MDS120-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
MDS200-LB/LSAll Firmware Version 
DS20LAll Firmware Version 

3. How to do OTA update

3.1 Required Components

  • Software: OTA_Tool. Only support Windows now


3.2 OTA Update Firmware

Video Instruction: -- OTA Upgrade Firmware (via LoRa) of LoRaWAN Sensors:

Step1: Plug LA66 USB to PC and run OTA_Tool.


Step2: Set up OTA Tool

  • DevEUI: Input DevEUI of your sensor
  • Password: Passord of your sensor(Last eight bytes of APPSKEY)
  • Port: Com port of LA66 USB
  • LoRa_Freq: Choose the shipped frequency band of your sensor.
  • Upload_File: The firmware to be upload to the sensor. make sure the firmware is with surfix _without_bootloader. For example: LHT65N_EU868_v1.5_without_bootloader.
  • EUI File: If customer has lots of sensors. He can also import the Dev EUI files and use droplist to choose the sensor to update. Format is as below:


Step3: Press Start in OTA Tool and then Press Reset button to restart LA66 USB

After press reset button, LA66 USB will restart and broadcast update process with the Dev EUI and Password.

Step4: Press reset button on the end node, or re-activate the end node.

In every reboot/ reactivate, the end node will check if there is update request. If end node gets the update request from LA66. End node will check if the Dev EUI and Password match. If match, End node will establish connection with LA66 USB for OTA update.

Step5: Check result.

Below shows the update successul result.


3.3 OTA Update Configure

Video Instruction: -- OTA Upgrade Configure (via LoRa) of LoRaWAN Sensors:

OTA Update Configure is good for batch update configure in same type of sensors.

4. FAQ

4.1 Can i use other devices to connect to PC if i don't have LA66 USB?

If user doesn't have LA66 USB Adapter, they can still use other Dragino Device to connect to PC for OTA update.


  • Find the suitable mode which base on LA66 chip ( All LoRaWAN model with LB or LS suffix , such as SN50v3-LB)
  • Update the LA66 USB OTA firmware to the device.
  • Connect the device to PC via UART interface.
  • Make sure power off or update the firmware back to original firmware , because the LA66 USB OTA fimware is not low power consumption firmware. it will consume the battery very fast.

4.2 Where to find OTA Password?

Each device has a shipped label with OTA Password which is 16 chars. like below. If user don't find this, please send us a photo for the device with Dev EUI to . and we will search the password for you.


4.3 How about if i upgrade a crashed firmware via OTA update?

OTA update is done via Bootloader and only change the firmware partition. So update a crash firmware via OTA update won't destroy bootloader and user can use OTA method to update again.

Here are notice:

1. OTA update frequency depend on the firmware frequency. If there is no frequency in the firmware. Bootloader will use EU868 as default frequency.

2. OTA update require a reset or reactivate action. If the crash firmware doesn't have them work, user need to manuall push the physic reset button on the PCB or power off/on device.

5. OTA Tool Known Bug:

1. If user click "Start" but there is issue during update. User may need to close and open the tool again.


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