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1. Overview

This URL introduce different methods to detect the water / liquid level.

2. Flow switch

2.1 How it works

Below is an example of flow switch. and product link: 



The switch will switch on/off to show if the water / liquid has dedicate level.

To use such switch with Dragino Products, use can connect it to LSN50v2 use the same way as a door switch. See reference link: 

2.2 Advantage & Disadvantage

Advantage : Reliable , Easy to install & Immue to different environment.

Disadvantage: Only be able to detect one speicify level. Not able to detect full range of water. 

3. Ultrasonic Sensor

3.1 How it works?

Such as LDDS75 / LDDS45. They are using ultrasonic technologic to detect the distance between the probe and a flat object such as water level.

Below is photo and URL shows how Ultrasonic Sensor works to detect Water Level 


When choose the ultrasonic sensor, we need to check the measure range , blind spot and angel to fit the tank.

An important notice, if there are moisture accumulated in the sense area of Ultrasonic Probe of LDDS75/LDDS45. the reading will become invalid.

3.2 Advantage & Disadvantage

Advantage :   Able to detect the level. Good Accurancy.

Disadvanage: Wrong reading when probe is block by moisture or other stuff. Affect by temperature.

4. Pressure Sensor

4.1 How it works?

Pressure Sensor such as PS-LB measures the pressure of the air / gas / liquid so can calcualte the liquid level.

there are two types , Thread type and Immersion type. as below:

image-20221228143643-1.png image-20221228144206-2.png

4.2 Advantage & Disadvantage

Advantage :  Able to detect air / gas / liquid pressure level. Immue to factors such as moisture / blocking. etc. Flexible for installation for

Disadvanage :


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