Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

This chapter describe the checklist for not able to access to AT Command in Dragino LoRaWAN End Node base on STM32 chip.

2. Not able to send AT Command

  • Do you use a USB to TTL Converter? If you use RS232 converter, it won't work
  • Can you see the output from console.
  • Do you use the correct baudrate:
    • Baudrate: 9600
    • Data bits: 8
    • Stop bits: 1
    • Parity: None
    • Flow control: None
  • Did you have the hardware RXD pin connected correctly according to the user manual?
  • Did you add the ENTER and NEW LINE after press send. Some serial utility doesn't add them by default. Below is an example for adding new line:


Add a new line in some software

3. If you still not able to fix this issue

please send us below info at

  • Screen shot for your serial utility baud rate settings.
  • Screen shot of your serial console.
  • A photo shows clearly how you use USB-TTL adapter connect to the device.
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