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1.  Can I use an external power adapter or solar panel to power LSN50v2?

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LSn50v2 and similar models is equipped with an 8500mAh Battery by default. To set the LoRaWAN End Node to a short uplink interval such as 1 minutes uplink interval. This 8500mAh battery is not enough for long time use.

It is possible to power LSN50v2 or similar model via external Power. There are two ways :

1.1  Power it via external power (3.3v) and no need back up battery

As shown below, the motherboard is by default power by 8500mAh battery via the battery cable.


User can remove the cable here and connect the external 3.3v DC power to this connector.  

Connector type is XH2.54 connector, So a match XH2.54 cable is ok.


Example photo for external 3.3v DC power ( Need to cut the DC connector and wire it to XH2.54 cable, make sure the VCC and GND are not reverse).


1.2  Power it via 12v solar panel and add rechargeable battery

Dragino has a recharge kit for this purpose. User can see this link for reference:


1.3  Water Proof Notice:

Note: Both options mean an extra cable needs to pass throug the enclosure. In the current enclosure, the best is to drill a hole on the enclosure to pass and use glue to fill it for outdoor use purposes.


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