Table of Contents:

1. Overview

There are some new models of Dragino sensors support BLE remote configure. User can use mobile phone to configure the sensor via BLE.

2. Support Models & Firmware

2.1 Hardware Models

Here list the models that support BLE and the method to activate BLE function.

ModelsBLE Activate MethodComments

All NB-IoT models with BLE support

Normally Suffix -NB / -NS

Device is battery power type and BLE will be only activate on below case:

  • Press button to send an uplink
  • Press button to active device.
  • Device Power on or reset.

If there is no activity connection on BLE in 60 seconds, sensor will shut down BLE module to enter low power mode


2.2 Where to find firmware

User can find the firmware in the NB-IoT Product Share directory: There are two kind of firmware:

  • .bin : original firmware file.
  • .hex : file with control / meta info.

Please note that user needs to use .bin file for update.

3. How to use PC to upgrade via BLE?

Step1: Connect a BLE USB to TTL Host into PC

Below is the example BLE to USB TTL adapter. Insert it to PC


Step2: Download Dragino Sensor Management Tool

Download URL 

Step3: Update .bin Firmware



4. Access Password and Command

Each device is shipped with a label as below include 6 chars AT PIN. this is the PIN to access the console of sensor.

For AT Commands list please refer user manual for each sensor.


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