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1. Overview

There are some new models of Dragino sensors support BLE remote configure. User can use mobile phone to configure the sensor via BLE.

2. Support Models

Here list the models that support BLE and the method to activate BLE function.

ModelsBLE Activate MethodComments

All models with -LB, -LS , -NB, -NS suffix

Device is battery power type and BLE will be only activate on below case:

  • Press button to send an uplink
  • Press button to active device.
  • Device Power on or reset.

If there is no activity connection on BLE in 60 seconds, sensor will shut down BLE module to enter low power mode.


3. How to connect

3.1 Use General Serial Bluetooth Terminal in mobile phone

Example tool in Andriod.


Install in mobile and run. Go to Devices --> Bluetooth LE and SCAN. FInd the correct device and connect


Each device has unique password named AT PIN. Input the password and you will be able to get access to the UART of the device.



3.2 How to use PC to connect?

Firstly, a USB to Bluetooth host is required



Insert the Bluetooth host into the computer


Open the serial port assistant on the computer


Then connect according to the operating instructions of the purchased Bluetooth host

(be careful! The AT command in this description may be different from the AT command of the Bluetooth host you purchased. Please follow the instructions for the Bluetooth host you purchased)

The Bluetooth name to be connected is the DEVEUI of the node


4. Access Password and Command

Each device is shipped with a label as below include 6 chars AT PIN. this is the PIN to access the console of sensor.

For AT Commands list please refer user manual for each sensor.


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