Table of Contents:

1.  Introduction

AllThingsTalk abstracts many different and usually complex IoT concepts into couple of simple to use entities. In this section you will find out more about AllThingsTalk domain model entities and how to use them within Maker web interface.



2.  Create device

To create a device:

  • Go to the ground in which you want to create it and select the Devices tab on the left
  • Click the large New device button


  • Select the type of device you want to create
  • Select your LoRaWAN provider



  • Enter a name for your device
  • Enter the DEVEUI
  • Copy network token


3.  Create a device in TTNv3

  • Users create devices in TTNv3 and join the network, and then enter integration.
  • Enter network token



4.  Assets

Assets are active components that hold value about a measure, either in physical or virtual space.

Most important physical assets are sensors and actuators.

  • Create assets




5.  Asset payload

ABCL stands for AllThingsTalk Binary Conversion Language , and it's a JSON-based, domain specific language, used for encoding and decoding of AllThingsTalk asset data to and from binary payloads. It gives you the freedom to specify your own decoding scheme on a per device level.




If you want to know more about ABCL language, please click this link:


6.  Debug device data

Sometimes devices stop working for one or another reason and you need to know what's going on. Also, many devices (e.g. Arduino) memory is small enough to discourage an attempt to log errors on the device itself. For that reason AllThingsTalk allows you to know if system successfully receives or encounters a problem with incoming data.


System logs a debug message whenever:

  • It receives binary data that has been successfully decoded (lorawan devices only)

  • It receives binary data that cannot be decoded due to false conversion definition (lorawan devices only)



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