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Dragino Yun firmware is compiled base on Linino with some feature for easy to use in Internet of Things projects.

Latest Firmware

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Upload Warning

We are doing changes to the firmware to support more features or friendly UI. Messing different config files between different firmwares may cause system behaviour strange. So we highly recommend user to uncheck Keep Setting during upgrade.

If system has problem after upgrade because mess of configs. user can try to recover it via the instruction in this link: Recover Firwmare


To maintain a unique firmware, the support for Yun firmware will be stopped and move to IoT firmware. This mean there will be no update for Yun firmware. all update will be base on IoT firmware.

Please see IoT Firmware Change log and IoT Image Manual for the detail.

To upgrade the current device from Yun Firmware to IoT Firmware, there is two steps:

  1. Update the Yun firmware to an old IoT firmware as middleware follow this instruction: Upgrade_firmware_from_Yun_firmware_to_IoT_Mesh_firmware_via_WiFi
  2. Upgrade firmware to IoT firmware in Web FailSafe Mode

Notice: the IoT firmware use baudrate 115200 for bridge. So in the Arduino, User should start bridge by using bridge.begin(115200);


  • Fix Network setting issue

yun--build-v4.1.1-20170105-1337 (Latest)

  • Fix bridge issue on reboot
  • Fix signature issue
  • Add support of Mega1280


  • OpenWrt Source code change to OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05
  • Update CPU-MCU-Bridge to ver 1.6.1


  • Update CPU-MCU-Bridge to ver 1.6.0
  • Update Temboo package ver to 1.2.0


  • Change to use wifi MAC as host name
  • Use current time instead of build time in status page
  • Add teensy 3.1/3.2 support. (support in bridge and MCU update)
  • Auto update sketch name will stored as the name in the update server
  • Upload with bootloader set to Yes by Default.


  • Add DHCP fix script


  • Change hostname to identical hostname for each device.
  • Add Sftp server. Now in winscp, can choose sftp to manager the file system.
  • Add auto update MCU skecth feature. Maunal


  • Fix Auto Detect bug for mega2560


  • Add OEM option info.
  • Remove IoT service UI for UI better organization, will add back later.
  • Auto detect AVR type at boot time and use default Arduino profile.
  • Add option to upload sketch without uploading Arduino bootloader.
  • Add option to upload hex file via UI, instead of uploading via Arduino IDE.


  • Change source code from Linino to OpenWrt Yun Source code.


  • Update mcu-cpu-bridge to version 1.4.0


  • Add Mega2560 Support Board Type support in GUI.
  • Fix Typo for mrfm12b
  • Separate ETH0 and ETH1 for Internet connection
  • Change automount behaviour to detect USB storage automatically
  • USB auto mount to Arduino directory. Need to have /arduino and /arduino/www in the root of USB flash
  • Change Password to dragino
  • Change web backgroup color . Host Name and Logo to Dragino style.

v1.3.3 -- 2014-06

  • Add different Arduino Board Type support in GUI. User can select the properly board type in GUI. Device will select the correct bootloarder and fuse setting while uploading the sketch.
  • Fix MAC address bug for eth0 and eth1
  • Bridge eth0 and eth1 so both of them can be used for Internet connection

Beta 1.3 --2014-04

MiddleWare -- 2014-03

This firmware is used to switch from Yun firmware to the OpenWrt Mesh firmware from Dragino. Instruction

RC1.2 -- 2014-02

  • update cumulocity.lua to v1.1
  • add debug button on web panel


  • Disable WiFi reset: In official Yun firmware, WiFi setting will reset to factory default if ther WiFi AP can not be found during device boot time. This will be an issue if the ms14 is boot before the router. So disable this feature.
  • Add Firmware Upgrade: Add a button to upgrade firmware via Arduino Web Panel
  • fix /usr/bin/reset_mcu: Now reset_mcu command can be used for MS14
  • Reset MCU at MS14 boot time
  • Fix Arduino IDE detect issue: Now Arduino IDE can steadily detect MS14. Make sure IDE is run in advance MS14 boot.
  • Add cumulocity IoT server support: Reference Link
  • Rename AP SSID


  • Add start up script to support M32 module.
  • Add fall back ip. the MS14 LAB port has a fall back ip now. User can always access to fallback ip with PC ip:, netmask: Reference