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Dragino PoE Injector
Dragino PoE Injector

The Dragino PoE Injector is designed specially for IoT application. The PoE injector can combine four Ethernet signals, Power /GND and two extra signal traces into a 8 pins RJ45 connector, User can transfer these signals with a 8 wire CAT-5 cables and split it in the other side.

Dragino PoE Injector

Compare with a universal PoE injector, the dragino PoE Injector can transfer additional 2 signal trace, this is very useful for IoT applications.


  • 2 x Rj45 ports (RJ45 signals inject to pin 1,2 & 3,6)
  • 1 x RJ11 connector for signal trace (Inject to the PoE port pin 4 & 7)
  • 1 x DC connector(5.5 x 2.1mm) for power (Inject to the PoE port pin 5 & 8)
  • Wall Mountable

Schematics and Layout

PoE Injector Sch
PoE Injector Layout


Combine Phone/Ethernet/Power into a CAT5 cable