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Dragino Mesh IoT firmware is compiled intend to support both Mesh and IoT.

The firmware can be downloaded from IoT Firmware


  1. Compile the firmware and packages to fix the kernel mismatch issue when use opkg update. Future plan: version 4.x.0 will has match packages while 4.x.x such as 4.3.1 may have mismatch kernel issue. User still can use --force-depends for install in such version.


  1. Add a MCU version field in UI, Used to show the current sketch version use in micro-controller. The firmware will read /var/avr/fw_version for this purpose.
  2. Add Sensor Data Page in UI, this will show the data in /var/iot/data in ASCII, HEX and BIN format.
  3. Add LoRaWAN server setting in UI, provide a way to configure the LoRaWAN server info. and the sketch in MCU can read it. More detail please refer manual or this link.
  4. Add LoRa Radio setting in UI, so sketch can load the LoRa Radio settings. More detail please refer manual.
  5. Add IoT Server page, user can select different IoT Server, TODO, more detail please refer manual. Function not added yet.
  6. Rewrite packet forward into C to increase efficient.


  1. Fix GPSWOX Server Connection


  1. Add feature upgrade avr sketch via web UI
  2. Add gps tracker
  3. Auto-detect USB modem EC20/UC20
  4. Add mosquitto_sub, mosquitto_pub


  1. Upgrade system to OpenWRT Chaos Calmer 15.05
  2. Fix some broken link for Bridge support. now support the bridge example and mailbox example in Arduino bridge.


  1. Add Curl, to support HTTPCLIENT in Arduino.
  2. Add Auto-Select 3G modem, If the device detect the UC20 3G or EC20 4G module, and Internet connection is select to USB-modem. It will auto -configure the proper configuration to use UC20/EC20 for internet connection. User may still need to configure the APN for its provider.
  3. Inet_reliable test for debug purpose
    1. Change option debug_inet '1' in the file /etc/config/system.
    2. Reboot the device,
    3. Internet Connection info will be shown in the file /root/inet_reliable_test_report
  4. Add lsusb command


  1. add avahi support for Yun application
  2. add avrdude support for Yun application
  3. add Bridge support for Yun application. note: It works on baud rate 115200. use bridge.begin(115200) in Arduino Sketch.
  4. remove rf gateway page


  • Fix some GUI minor configure bugs.
  • Use Mesh Group for identify of different mesh network
  • Add support for USB Ethernet Dongle. More>>


  • Fix start up bug in mesh.
  • configure mesh via web no need to reboot now.


Significant update in this version, source code move from OpenWrt Attitute Adjustment 12.09 to OpenWrt Barrier Breaker 14.07. the new source code are in: Dragino BB source code

New feature added:

  • toggle button are now able to reset the network or system to factory default. Feature Description


  • Fix mesh network set up issue.
  • TCP-Client --> remove '0A' on outgoing string.
  • Add SFTP server.


  • Correct package resource path
  • Change firewall rule in WAN interface. Now computer in the same network can access the device via its Internet Access Interface (WAN, Mesh WiFi, WiFi Client, 3G Network).

IoT-build-20141207-2350 -- v1.3.3

  • TCP_Client: add update on_change option
  • TCP_Client: Improve timing and Keep Alive method.

IoT-build-20141204-1401 -- v1.3.2

  • Add TCP Client Support in the IoT service page.

IoT-build-20141123-2356 -- v1.3.1

  • Upgrade to openwrt AA 12.09 branches, -- revision 43274. EVDO dial up bug fix in this branch.
  • Fix HTTP Port change bug
  • Add IoT Service support page and support Xively.

IoT-build-20140902-1654 -- v1.2.5

  • Fix Upload Arduino Sketch Bug
  • Add 115200 indicate string while select Arduino Bridge mode. User should modify the Baud Rate in Arduino IDE --> Library--> Bridge.h from 250000 to 115200 to use the Arduino Bridge class in this image.
  • Add Power UART Interface
  • Fix CDMA EVDO dial up UI issue.

IoT-build-20140902-1654 -- v1.2.4

  • Fix GUI bug to configure device as a WiFi Client.
  • Correct opkg.conf link.
  • Change config partition from read only to read-write. Firmware upgrade command won't erase this partition
  • Add check network connection. User can use Global LED to check connection to specify host.
  • Add sensor page to support different avr board.

IoT-build-20140627-1259 -- v1.2.3

  • Improve UART for stable transfer to Arduino board.

IoT-build-20140627-1259 -- v1.2.2

  • Add Arduino Bridge Support. Baud Rate 115200. This is an Experimental feature, user has change the arduino bridge baud rate (under libraries\Bridge\src\Bridge.h) from 250000 to 115200 to use this.
  • Add stty tool

IoT-build-20140616-1526 version 1.2.1

  • Fix Firmware Version Display Bug
  • Fix DHCP server disable bug.
  • Change AP SSID.
  • FallBack IP still works after apply change in network.
  • Fix DNS1 bug in GUI
  • Fix WiFi AP disable/enable bug
  • Add default USB modem dial string
  • Add better USB support in the GUI.
  • Clean Asterisk Script


  • A version which use to upgrade the firmware to support Web_FailSafe_Uboot. Instruction.

RC1.1-- 2014 -04

  • Change Default SSH log in to root/dragino
  • Add support on Arduino IDE, now user can program the avr from Arduino IDE via network connection. Instruction.