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Welcome to Dragino Wiki Page

This page include the information for Dragino project.

MS14/ MS14N reference


Hardware Version

The MS14 OpenWrt IoT Appliance series so far has four models: MS14-P, MS14-S, MS14N-P and MS14N-S. the P version and S version difference is that the S version has a 14 position Screw Terminal for connecting external sensors(still need a daught board for specify applications).

The MS14N is upgrade model for MS14. The difference is as below:

Difference Between MS14 and MS14N
  • 1: The MS14N use the Dragino HE AR9331 module, now the CPU, DDR, FLASH and the most complicate design are hold in this module, the MS14N also provide Eagle design file for schematic and Layout, developer is able to customized their hardware by using MS14N as reference.
  • 2: MS14N has an extra bee style socket, this socker provide 3.3v /5v , UART and USB interface. Developer is able to put two modules now, for example, one module for sensors and another module for 3G/4G connection.
  • 3: A USB hub IC is added in MS14N to improve the compatibility with other USB devices.
  • 4: Add SIM card holder footprint for possible Cellular requirement.
  • 5: Remove 5V ESD protection, now the screw terminal can accept higher voltage such as 12v.Developer still need to add ESD protection in the plug-in module.
  • 6: In MS14N, the pin header for GPIO15/GPIO16/GPIO26/GPIO27 is remove. intead, these pins can be accept in the screw pin socket after soldering array resistors.

Firmware Release Notes and How to Upgrade Firmware

  1. Why there are two firmwares and how to get their source code and upgrade the firmware
  2. HowTo -- Upgrade firmware

IoT Mesh Firmware User Manual

With advance networking pre-support, such as Mesh , USB 3G, and customized IoT features.

Dragino Yun Firmware User Manual

Dragino Yun Firmware derives from the official Arduino Yun firmware with some bugs fixed and support more avrs. The latest Dragino Yun firmware follows the development on OpenWrt Yun

Software HowTo

General Uses

  1. HowTo -- Transfer files between ms14 and PC?
  2. HowTo -- Use FailSafe mode to debrick my ms14?
  3. HowTo -- Reset MS14 to factory default?
  4. HowTo -- Upgrade firmware to ms14?
  5. HowTo -- Get MAC address and Unique Key?
  6. HowTo -- Control MS14 LEDs?
  7. HowTo -- Schedule task in MS14? (Cron Service)

Connect MCUs

  1. HowTo -- Use GPIOs ?
  2. HowTo -- Use UART?

HowTo -- Program an avr module

Compile Firmeware

  1. HowTo -- Compile firmware for ms14?
  2. HowTo -- Add a custom package when compiling firmware?

Mesh IoT Firmware Release Note

Examples List

Click Examples Catalog to see the examples list.

Web FailSafe Uboot

Web FailSafe Uboot

Hardware Reference

  1. MS14 System Block Diagram
  2. MS14 Power Input / Output
  3. MS14 GPIO / Connector Map
  4. MS14 Antenna and Reserved Antenna Hole
  5. MS14 Daughter Board Design Reference, MS14N clearance file
  6. Schematic : MS14 , MS14N v1.3
  7. MS14N Eagle Source

Frequently Ask Questions ---------- ( F.A.Q )

  1. Why there are two firmwares and how to get their soruce code and upgrade the firmware?
  2. Why i see messy code in UART?

Open Projects

Village Telco -- Open Source WiFi, Mesh VoIP project

Software Package


OpenWrt WiFi Appliance

Outdoor IoT Appliance (PAN)

Outdoor VoIP Adapter (OV01)

WiFi IoT Module

Dragino HE Module

Arduino Shields

Yun Shield (Up to Date User Guide)

LoRa Shield


LoRa/GPS Shield


Teensy Arduino Shield adapter

Plug In Modules

HowTo -- Program an avr plug in module

Internet of Things module (M32)

Internet of Things module -- Wireless (M32W)

xBee/Bluetooth Bee Converter (MXC01)

Arduino Internet of Things module for MS14 -- Wireless (M328W)

Wireless Transfer Module - RFM12B Compatible (MRFM12B)

Temperature Processing Module (MT-DS)


Break Out PCB for HE (HE Expander)

UART to RS232 Converter (ARU)

PoE Injector with 2 extra trace for signals

Video Instruction

These videos will show us how to use our products to the project related to the Internet of things or the VoIP solutions.

Click to see the Video Instructions