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Welcome to Dragino Wiki Page

This page include the information for Dragino project.


Getting Start with Dragino v2 -- ms14


Getting Start with Arduino Yun

CLICK HERE for tutorial of using Arduino Yun in Dragino.

Arduino Yun 软件入门向导

Yun Firmware Change Log

IoT Server Support

Software HowTo

General Uses

HowTo -- Access ms14 via Web GUI, SSH or rs232 console?

HowTo -- Transfer files between ms14 and PC?

HowTo -- Use FailSafe mode to debrick my ms14?

HowTo -- Reset MS14 to factory default?

HowTo -- Upgrade firmware to ms14?

HowTo -- Get MAC address and Unique Key?

HowTo -- Control MS14 LEDs?

Connect MCUs

HowTo -- Use GPIOs ?

HowTo -- Use UART?

HowTo -- Program an avr module

Compile Firmeware

HowTo -- Compile firmware for ms14?

HowTo -- Add a custom package when compiling firmware?

Mesh IoT Firmware Release Note

Examples List

Click Examples Catalog to see the examples list.

Web FailSafe Uboot

Web FailSafe Uboot

Hardware Reference

System Block Diagram

Power Input / Output

GPIO / Connector Map

Antenna and Reserved Antenna Hole

Daughter Board Design Reference


Open Projects

Village Telco -- Open Source WiFi, Mesh VoIP project

Plug In Modules

HowTo -- Program an avr plug in module

Internet of Things module (M32)

Internet of Things module -- Wireless (M32W)

Wireless Transfer Module - RFM12B Compatible (MRFM12B)

Temperature Processing Module (MT-DS)


1-Wire devices converter (AODC)

UART to RS232 Converter (ARU)

Remote Nodes

Arduino Compatible Wireless Node (NAR12B)

Getting Start with Dragino v1 -- ms12

MS12 relates documents are move to CLICK HERE .




Internet of Things and VoIP

Build a WiFi Mesh Sensor Network

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