MS14 Antenna

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MS14 has two radio paths. They are lead to ANT0 and ANT1. The ANT0 radio is the main antenna for RX and TX. The ANT1 radio is the diversity antenna for RX only.

By default, MS14 is loaded shipped using on-board chip antenna. It also provides the option to use external antenna for higher gain/ directional requirement.

ms14 antenna switch circuit

R76 and R77 are path select resistors for main radio path. To use external antenna for main radio path, developer should remove the 0ohm resister from R77 and solder it on R76. This will disable ANT0 antenna and enable J4 (i-pex) connector. Then connect the external antenna on J4 and use it.

Antenna Hole

ms14 reserved antenna hole

The ms14 enclosure has a removable antenna hole which is reserved to hold:

  • External Antenna as mentioned above
  • Antenna from the daughter board