MAC and Unique Key

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MAC address

Each ms14 has been assigned four world-wide unique, continuously MAC address in factory. They are assigned to

wifi: MAC
eth0: MAC + 2
eth1: MAC +3

The [ MAC+1 ] is reserved for some applications which need two mac in wifi radio.

Unique Key

A 32 bytes random number generated by TRNG is stored in art partition. Address range is 0x100~ 0x11F.

A 2016 bytes random number generated by CSPRNG is stored in art partition, Address range is 0x0120 ~ 0x090F.

Those keys can be used for serial control purpose. To ready them, below is an example command (assume mtd5 is art partition):

#read 16 bytes key from 0x100 at the art partition. assume /dev/mtd5 is art partition. 
hexdump -v -e '1/1 "%.2x"' -s $((0x100)) -n 16 /dev/mtd5

Get Serial

hexdump -v -e '11/1 "%_p"' -s $((0x908)) -n 11 /dev/mtd5

will print the serial such as MS14xxxx or HExxxx. assume /dev/mtd5 is art partition.