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Firmware Type

There are now two different firmwares which can be used in Dragino MS14 or HE Module:

Types Mesh IoT Firmware Dragino Yun Firmware
Description With advance networking pre-support, such as Mesh , USB 3G, and customized IoT feature Derived from the official Arduino Yun firmware with some bug fixed and support more avrs. This firmware update will follow the development on OpenWrt Yun
OpenWrt Inside OpenWRT Chaos Calmer 15.05 12.09 Attitude Adjustment
Arduino IDE Support IDE to flash the Sketech Support IDE to flash the Sketech
Arduino Bridge Support Same as Arduino Yun (OpenWrt-Yun) Same as Arduino Yun (OpenWrt-Yun)
Bridge Baud Rate need to set baud rate to 115200 with Bridge.begin(115200); at the sketch Use default baud rate in Arduino IDE: 250000. User will see mess code if in the UART output while device boot into Kernel
User Manual IoT Mesh Firmware User Manual Reference Manual from Yun Shield
Release Note Release Note Release note
Source Code Source code and How to Compile Source code
Firmware Download Download Download
U-Boot boot address setenv bootcmd bootm 0x9f040000 setenv bootcmd bootm 0x9fea0000
How to check firmware type Default SSID : Dragino2-xxxxxx

Web page title : dragino2-xxxxxx

Default SSID : Dragino-A84041xxxxxx

Web page title : Dragino Yun

Notice: This table will be changed as the firmware update/changes

Change to different Firmware Type in U-Boot

Both IoT firmware and Yun firmware has its upgrade web page for firmware upgrade. But the web upgrade doesn't support to upgrade to different type firmware. If user want to switch firmware from IoT to Yun or from Yun to IoT. They can do it in u-boot as below instruction.

methods to get into u-Boot enviroment

Command to Upgrade

See This link for the detail: Upgrade Firmware in U-Boot