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Lots of methods can be used to transfer files between Dragino and PC.

Transfer / Edit files via SCP protocol

In Linux machine

example: transfer "README" to /tmp directory of dragino.

[edwin$host ]$ scp README root@dragino:/tmp

In windows machine

1. install winscp and log in the Dragino as below.

Login screen of WinSCP

ipaddress: Your MS14 IP address Username: root Password: password of this device. Protocol: SCP

there will be two error during login, just confirm it and everything will be just fine.

2. after log in, then you can see the management panel. left part is your PC and the right part is the directories of the Dragino, you can manage /edit files by dragging easily.

WinSCP Panel

Note: When using WinSCP, make sure your ms14 has a password (set in the WEB), otherwise, you can't pass the authorization.