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A BEE Socket is introduced in MS14N to connect more modules. Definition is as below:

Definition For MS14N Bee socket

Power Select:

The xBee socket can power a plug-in module via the BEE_VIN pin. this pin can be 3.3v or 5v, depends on where to put jumper on BEE-VIN header.


The BEE_TXD and BEE_RXD has below connection

BEE_TXD <--> 3_state-Buffer <--> Linux Module UART_RX
BEE_RXD <--> 3_state-Buffer <--> Linux Module UART_TX

In MS14N v1.3, the 3_state_buffer enable/disable is controlled by GPIO27, if GPIO27 is set high, the Linux UART is connected to the BEE UART, if GPIO27 is set low , the Linux UART is disconnected from Bee socket

This connection makes it compatible with the most xBee or Bluetoole module in BEE socket format,


A separate USB Interface is also available in the BEE socket to support USB module.

SIM Card Pins:

They are reserved for SIM card connection.