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You can access ms14 via SSH, Web GUI or RS232. below are the detail:

Fall Back IP

A fall back IP is assigned to ms14's LAN port so user can always access ms14 with this ip via the IP

Set windows ip to access ms14 via fall back ip

SSH Access

MS14 is running OpenWrt Linux system. You can access it via SSH and customized the system for different application.

1/ You should know ms14's LAN port ip or WiFi ip, or use fall back ip. Then configure your computer to the same IP segment as ms14.

2/ Then run putty to access ms14. default user name and password of ms14 is:

username: root
password: dragino
Use putty to access ms14

3/ Once login successfully, you should see below welcome page.

SSH Welcome Page

GUI Access

ms14 has built-in web server and provide friendly GUI access. put its ip on your browser and input username /password to access.

GUI login, default username/password: root/root
Status is pop up once login successfully.

RS232 Access

ms14 has UART interface exposed in the 2x8 connector. Developer can use a UART to RS232 converter to access ms14 u-boot via its serial interface.

Connect ARU to ms14 via UART

Configure the serial port with below parameters: Serial: 115200, Data: 8bits, Xon/Xoff enable

ms14 serial port access
u-boot access via UART